Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

One of the great things about Sydney is the abundance of bushland and national parks that surround our city. Many of these are pretty easily accessible by public transit. This is key since, hey, I don’t have a car. Neither do most of my friends.

I’d heard that the Spit Bridge to Manly walk was a great way to “get out of the city” without really going too far. The walk starts north of downtown Sydney and goes along the shoreline over the coastal bluffs until you arrive at Manly. After doing a little research and waiting for a warm winters day I finally was able to take the walk on Saturday, July 28th.

All in, its about 10km of walking (6 miles) and takes around 3-4 hours. It’s quite hilly (yes, that’s metres above, not feet) and varies from going along the beach, to bushland, to getting lost on the trail and climbing boulders. Oh wait… that’s just me not reading signs.

It started with an early morning 30 minute bus ride from the CBD across the Harbour Bridge and north to the Spit Bridge. Once at the Spit Bridge you hop off and find a small walking trail and start going. Since I started around 8:30 am it was pretty empty.

You begin at the yacht club in Middle Bay and make your way over Spit Bridge.

Then down the empty and manicured trail.

then past Fishers Bay

Looping around and looking back at Spit Bridge

Some interesting rock formations on the trail

As you go along you wander past different lookouts, parks and marinas

Some of Sydney’s luxury properties line the waterfront

This beach is next to a playground so they have netting to keeps kids in and nasties out

Clontarf Beach. Crystal water fronted by more high end homes

Heading back up to the next set of bluffs

Pano overlooking the Harbour

Carved rock stairs

Another pano from a secluded beach

More rock ledges and stairs

I was feeling artistic

Lots of stairs

About 1/3 the way there

Keep your clothes on kids. This isn’t a nudey beach

Entering bushland

Noticing this sign would have saved me some rock scaling, scrapes and getting a bit lost.

But I was rewarded on my detour with this lighthouse

Me with the Sydney skyline in the background

The North and South Heads which are the entrance to Sydney Harbour. America is just over that way

Almost there! Manly beach skyline in the background.

Craggy rocks line the waterfront here

Beautiful park looking out to North Head

Getting close

Another pool with shark nets

They do have some tasty microbrews

And a large beer selection

After lunch we made our way across the Corso to North Manly. Above is a shot from the ocean pool. I’m obsessed with these things.

It’s more bouldering than walking

After another pit stop for a beer on the harbour I was off to take the ferry back to Circular Quay

Looking back at Manly and realising a few hours ago I was above those bluffs

Harbour Bridge shot coming into Circular Quay. It’s no Golden Gate Bridge but I’ll take it.

Until my next adventure.


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