Oh, the sun… It burns

I took the #85 night train from Bangkok to Chumpon. Honestly, after flying last time around I would choose the train every time.

1 – it costs 1/4 the price
2 – no dealing with hellish BKK traffic to the airport
3 – no security lines
4 – shockingly comfortable

For 994 baht ($30) you get first class which is a private 2 person sleeper car with A/C. It leaves BKK at 7:30pm and gets to Chumpon at about 5:00 am. I was worried about not sleeping but thanks to a couple beers and 1/2 an Ambien the only thing I remember after dinner is the attendant banging on the door saying “Chumpon! Chumpon! You get off now!”

Here’s some pics

The backrest folds into a bed.

Dinner: sweet and sour chicken, curry chicken, Tom yum soup, rice and pineapple. All for 180 baht ($6)

At Chumpon you take a 30 min bus ride to the pier. I met a couple interesting travelers from England and Ireland.

The pier looked like a bridge from Indiana Jones, but the 1.5 hour boat ride made up for it with scenery.

Coming up on Ko Tao

Quick drop off at Ko Nang Yuan

Ko Tao

Taken from my “taxi” – the back of a truck with benches in it

My guest house. 9000 baht a month – $300

The room. It’s simple but has bath with hot shower, air con, mini fridge and a tv with cable.

I booked for 2 weeks. May or may not stay for the month.

“downtown” Sairee beach

That’s all for now. Off to go diving.

Location:Ko Pha-ngan,Thailand

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