Summer in Sydney – Part 2

Continuing on the theme of the last blog I’ll take my chance to recap more of what was a very eventful summer in Sydney. Here are a few more things I was up to:

Experiencing the Sydney Festival – Rubber Duck Time

Every summer Sydney hosts the Sydney Festival which is a month long celebration of food, music, the arts, and nightlife. The Festival is kicked off every year by the arrival of the big duck to Darling Harbour.


For weeks I saw these signs all around town so I had to go see the big launch.


What I didn’t expect was a full hour show where slightly cracked out acrobats sang song after song about their lost rubber ducky…

Some of the moves were pretty good though.


They had to open the Pyrmont Bridge and barely squeezed the duck through.


The ducks arrival set off the show finale and the release of tons of bubbles and also people shooting ducks from t-shirt cannons.


All in, a pretty enjoyable show.  It was fun passing by the duck all the time since I only work a few blocks away.

Checking out free concerts in The Domain

As I mentioned before, the festival is about more than just a duck. Throughout the city, venues open up to feature a different element of the Festival. I was fortunate enough to go to a few of the free concerts they hosted as well.

For the big kickoff it was a night filled with wine and the music of the Daptone Super Soul Revue.


Since it’s a free concert you need to get in really early to get a good spot. Thankfully we had no shortage of snacks and wine.


As day turned to night the music began. Here’s me with the ladies, Linda, Sara and Steph


A quick pano of the stage. Great music and great friends for sure. I love hot Sydney nights.


I did attempt Steph’s concoction of red wine and Coke Zero… Supposedly it’s Spanish… Jury is still out on that one. Note the awesome sunburn. Wear sunscreen kids!


Me and the rest of the crew.


Inspired by the music and fueled with red wine and Coke Zero, a few of us snuck off to a long night of karaoke.

Movies on the Harbour

Every summer, they also construct a floating outdoor theatre screen across from the Opera House. Tickets to even the worst movies sell out quickly and at $35 each, they aren’t cheap. What you do get however, is the best place I’ve ever been to watch a movie.


Pretty great backdrop.



This turned out a bit dark, but you can just make out the full skyline.

Day out on the Harbour

One of the best ways to experience the Harbour is to get out on it in a boat. So, my friends got a group together and chartered a boat for the afternoon.


Us in our boating finest.

None of us are sailors so we had a professional guide. He was a pretty laid back guy and let us all have a chance behind the wheel. Here’s Viv leading us out.



This is the house where the British Family stay when they visit. It’s also used for visiting dignitaries like the US President, other dignitaries, royalty, and Oprah.


Not a bad view for them.




Despite being overcast it was still pretty warm so we took a chance to dive in. By the way, there ARE sharks in the Harbour.


Still soaked from the swim I even got my chance to steer.

Lazy Sundays at the Beach

Despite all of the fun activities  there are over the summer my favourite was always my time spent relaxing at the beach.


Taking in the rays at Bondi.


Strong rip currents this day so they had the southern end closed to swimming.


Just be careful where you swim.

ciao, JJ

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