Cairns Trip – Part 2

Hey everyone, sorry for the delays. Work, life, holidays…sheesh!

Anywhoo, Cairns was an amazing trip and I after 2 whole posts already, there is still more. We had a day in the middle with nothing scheduled, just a little R&R. Here’s what we got up to:


Jazzercising our hangovers away at group water aerobics in the lagoon. Let me tell you, this saved me from a massive one!


Applying suncream – yes, that’s right. UV levels were at extreme. This is beyond oh, just getting a touch red. You WILL turn purple and you WILL be sorry.


Admiring the yachts.  That’s right. The one above has a boat lift.


Hanging out at the lagoon, check! (for those following continuity, I changed after lunch)


Listening to planes land, check!


Checking out the Night Markets. Souvenirs, check! $15 45 minute massage, check!

After all that time in the sun and a takeaway dinner, it was back to me master suite for bevvies.


Our treasures from the Bottle-O


That’s Mel on the “microphone”  – “$10 all you can drink…give me your money…$10…drink…money…$10” Haha.


Bryon served as our resident mixologist and created some lovely and some not so lovely concoctions.


JJ – always a hit with the ladies…


We took a group photo to thank Far North Queensland Breweries for the discounted beer and free shirts.


While jamming out to some Gangnam Style. I swear, we  must have had that on 5 times.


Once pregamed up, it was off to the club. Here’s the ladies, looking fab!


And me being a total goof. Btw, I LOVE this picture!

The Woolshed is a bar in Cairns that embraces your right to dance on tables. They also apparently don’t care for air con because it was hotter than hell in there. Despite this, we sweated our way through a fantastic night!


Mugging for the camera.


Some not so glamorous selfies.

IMG_0040 IMG_0044

I also stumbled upon a tray of jelly shots. 

Me and the ladies, on the tables. IMG_0064 IMG_0069

It was hot so hot. As you can tell.


All in, it was a really fun night with some very fun people.

Well, I lied about this being the last Cairns post. I’m going to split out the rest of the trip into the next post. See you after the jump.

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