Goodbye Sydney and looking forward

Hi everyone!

It’s been a wild few months… All starting in March when I made the decision to leave my job in Australia and take an extended break to see the world. It wasn’t a decision that came lightly in any way. I spent three amazing years in Australia and formed strong bonds with the country and the people. One of the things I have realized with the amount of travel I have done it that people are the constant. Places can be incredible, beautiful, awe-inspiring, and transformational. It is, however, the people you meet while there – the ones you share your experience with – that make all the difference.

I had an awesome 3 years in Australia. I saw so many places (apologies that my blog is really lacking in this regard – i promise to backfill)  and shared my time with amazing people who I will always regard as lifelong friends.

So, a few quick shout-outs:

To SydFam

My core group of expats known to each other as SydFam with our shared US holidays, massive Thanksgiving banquets, seafood Christmases, Titanic sing-a-longs on the Manly ferry, lazy days spent at Shelly Beach, late night karaoke, KBBQ, family dinners, closing down too many pubs, and never getting let into LoFi. The group has scattered across the globe but we all seem to be doing our best to keep the spirit of SydFam well and alive. Keep on getting married friends and I’ll be there.

The Chubbalubbas

My Chubb family, the one that took in this weird American with my white undershirts and wonky accent. Thanks. For all the nights spent after one too many pints at The Arthouse, finding small bars, playing OzTag, me refusing to play OzTag, fancy dress for Melbourne Cup, work husbands and work wives, schnitty’s across the street, and surviving all of those goddamned Monday morning sales meetings.


Special shout out to Bryon Merzeo for creating an ultra inclusive group for all of us global orphans to band together through. We truly travelled all over Australia together and had one too many nights of staying up late and swimming while wearing even less.  From The Basin to Tasmania and Kangaroo Valley to the Mudgee Wine Region it was always a blast. Somewhere there will always be a rental house we can pack beyond capacity and I’ll be there Aebelskiver pan in hand to help you through the rough mornings.

My die hard going away party participants

While somewhat of a catch-all, I do want to thank the many people who attended lord knows how many going away parties I have hosted over the years. Despite the amount of crap you give me for “yet another damned party” you still show up. You come, drink in hand, and wish me good luck on wherever the wind is taking me. It means the world to me having you there.

The million dollar question…

So, if you loved it so damn much…why leave? 

Well, I’ve asked myself that more times than you can imagine. I guess in moving initially in 2012 I opened a sort of Pandora’s Box. I saw more of the world than most people I know have seen and rather than leaving me complacent, it inspired me. I was inspired to explore new places, try new things, meet new people, see new cultures, and jump headfirst into whatever the world put in front of me. And that, is something I don’t think will ever go away and is now programmed into my psyche. Some call this The Wanderlust Gene. You can read more about that here.

I don’t believe it’s that simple. I’m not hard coded to do this. Surely free will comes into play somewhere.

For now,  I simply made a choice to live my life in a certain manner. The more I travel the more I focus less on the material and more on the practical. Focus less on the clock, and more on savoring the experience. Less on calories consumed than calories exerted (all in moderation…). Less on money saved and more on money spent wisely. Focusing on maximizing time spent in the moment than looking too far forward or back.

I set out to write one thing, and this turned into another. I didn’t want to write a goodbye manifesto when I left but after a few months of distance it felt right to do it now.

As most of you know, I am already on my way in another corner of the world and will do my best to keep the words, pictures, banter, and silly stories coming. After all, I need something to keep me busy.



Please keep in touch by following me on the various links to the right or just email me at . I love hearing from you.

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