Goodbye Ko Tao

After 10 days in Ko Tao it was time to move on. I had an amazing time there thanks to some new friends and some old friends that came and paid a visit.

Here are some highlights of my last few days.

Turtle Island

Some BBQ

Watching THOR on the beach


Naomie, Russ and I

Me and Juliette

Me and the bartender

Fun with face paint. I woke up the next morning with pink flakes all over me and my bed…

Our dive boat in the distance

Went on two fun dives on the 27th. One at Chumpon which is possibly the best site available. Saw a huge, I mean HUGE school of Barracuda. Like the size of a small car.

Second dive was at Twins. I did my first (quasi) swim-through. Of course I bashed my tank into the coral. Oops!

On the 29th I noticed my foot felt funny. Well, as you can see, the left one swelled up like a balloon due to about 10 mosquito bites. It’s all good now, but was weird to walk on a squishy foot.

Sometime around my last few days I started taking less photos. This is because, well, Ko Tao is a small island and you repeat a lot of stuff. My last few days were spent on the beach, in the pool, by the pool, playing pool, or talking about going to the pool. In all this, did I take a picture of the pool? Nope, I’m an idiot.

On my second to last day Andy, Nick, Bally and I went to this hilltop restaurant to have dinner. It’s up some pretty bad roads so they send a car for you. The view and the food definitely made up for the “stomach issues” we all had the next day. I’m still gonna blame that on a food cart from the day before. Enough talking, enjoy the views.

People on Ko Tao don’t say goodbye when you leave. They always go for the see you later. It may sound silly, but it was true for me. I’m sure I’ll be back sometime. Unfortunately, even in the 6 months between when I was there in November there has been change. When being compared to Samui and Phangan you see Ko Tao as relatively untouched by Thai standards. I hope Ko Tao retains it’s backpacker identity despite the massive amount of construction going on.

Until next time, see you later Ko Tao.

Location:Thanon Sanam Bin,Ko Samui,Thailand

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