Taronga Zoo

Sorry for the delay in posting. It’s been a hectic few weeks! Let’s step back to week one (when I wasn’t working yet!) and see what I was up to.

After finishing the Coogee – Bondi Beach walk the day prior I decided to wander around the city on Sunday to get my bearings and see what was on.

Stop 1 w as Darling Harbour. After wandering / getting lost in Chinatown I found the park leading to the Harbour. Lucky me, it happened to be Buddha’s 2555th birthday. Yes, thats right, that fat cherub has been around way longer than Jesus.  It was a mob of people watching the monks chant and sing lovely songs about peace and harmony.

The park near the harbour is really nice and lined with restaurants, cafes, and lots of play areas for families. Just watch out for the Aussie pigeons, also known as the white ibis. They are pretty fierce looking and all around the parks in Sydney.

Ironically, I didn’t get any pictures of the actual harbour, but It’s quite nice. It was just excited to go to the zoo and see the opera house.

The zoo is a quick ferry ride and perched on an insanely valuable piece of Sydney real estate.

The boat ride there is a great way to see the iconic Sydney sites like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the city skyline.

Arriving at the Zoo, you take a gondola up the hill and then the whole zoo tour is a long downhill walk. They really did think of everything!

Now for the animals!

Koalas – there were about 15 and all in eucalyptus comas

Not a bad view for the giraffes

There’s a cool little area where you can walk around among the native Aussie animals with no cages. Most were either not interested or asleep.

Why helllllllooooooo.

The redback spider won’t kill you, but will make life a living hell.

Mufasa lives!

Snow Leopard

Whattup Mr. Meerkat

Beautiful view on the way out

Overall, the Taronga Zoo was one of the best zoos I’ve been to. The views of the city skyline after each turn really set it a world apart.

That’s all for now. more to come.

Stay tuned…

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