Daytripping: Southern Highlands, NSW

Living a travel lifestyle doesn’t just involve jetsetting here and there to exotic or far off locations. Sometimes you just need some time away from your normal surroundings to breathe in fresh air and clear you head. It’s incredible what you’ll find hiding in your own backyard.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to go away for a quick overnight in the Southern Highlands only about 90 minutes south of Sydney. It’s a land of rolling hills, small towns, local cafes and pubs. All in, a great place to spend some time with nature. As an added bonus it’s autumn so you can see some amazing colours as the leaves change for fall.


We ended up booking our overnight at a local bible camp. They didn’t have any groups booked in so the place was pretty empty. A bit non traditional, even for me, but it shows the importance of calling the local tourism office to find little gems for deals. The camp was on a sprawling ranch and tucked right in amongst the hills and some very happy cows.

Like many good trips, there was no set agenda or itinerary. Loaded up with the basics and a tourism map, we left to find some local trails.


The Quarry path was a short and flat 20 minute loop but had some nice views.

DSC_0084 DSC_0087

Some great view of the Wingecarribee River – say that 3 times fast. 

DSC_0091 DSC_0102

We also came across this old church which only offers services once a month.


The leaves are turning colour and falling to the ground – making some fun options for photo shoots.


Leaving Berrima, we left to do the 40 minute hike up Mount Gibraltar – or ‘The Gib’ as the locals call it. 


The sky was filled with awesome cirrus clouds. I’m working on getting better using my manual focus so this was a unique challenge using my macro lens.


The view from the top of Mount Gibraltar.


As opposed to the US, the Australian way is to warn you not to be an idiot rather than build fences protecting idiots from themselves. Natural selection at work I say…


DSC_0141 DSC_0144

Incredible views and a gorgeous day. IMG_8593

More cirrus clouds framed with Eucalyptus. Sadly, no koalas in sight.

DSC_0149 DSC_0156

Travelling temporarily by road. Very few cars – or other people – in sight.

DSC_0157 DSC_0159 DSC_0163

Some foliage



After the hike we headed to a few wineries. Good job to the landscape architect at Centennial winery – the trees along the drive are planted with a natural colour variation pattern.


Just getting artsy with the barrels.



On the drive back we detoured to check out Belmore Falls just outside of Robertson. This involved ‘fording’ the river…in Toyotas. : )DSC_0173

Just a short hike from the car park was a vista of the massive falls as well as a look across Kangaroo Valley. no kangaroo sightings but a few farmhouses and some cows. IMG_8603

We stayed to catch the better part of the sunset. It offered some great lighting opportunities and highlighted the sheer cliffs framing the valley below. DSC_0188 DSC_0190

A great trip – and all within 90 minutes of Sydney.

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