Cairns Trip – Fitzroy Island

Hello again. 2 posts in 2 days, who knew I could do it. Well, here we go. Time to finish off the Cairns trip.

Our other big day trip we scheduled was a day on Fitzroy Island. Fitzroy is about an hour ferry from Cairns and is a Queensland National Park. This means it’s relatively untouched. Besides the area you arrive at, the rest seems to be just as it was many years ago.


The forecast said rain, but we were hoping for the best. Here’s me mugging for a picture on the ferry.

Fitzroy at a distance.


Welcome to Fitzroy Island!IMG_0098

Once we arrived, it began to pour down rain. Thankfully it was still about 85* so it didn’t deter us from adventuring. Group photo!


Plenty of activities on despite the rain.


A good preview of what was to come.

Fitzroy is a pretty small island,so rather than hike around, we decided to hike the to the summit which was somewhat precarious in flip flops and pouring rain.


It was a scenic way up through the bushland.


Getting closer.


After about an hour, we made our way to the summit.


Notice we all are soaked to the bone.


And my poor choice in footwear.


Typical Aussie fashion. The sign reads “Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility” Which I interpreted as “if you’re dumb enough to cross this roped off area and slip and fall to your death off of this rock, we will eventually try to recover your body…


Making the way back down, already clearing up.


Ten minutes later, beginning to get hot.


A quick shot of the lighthouse on the way down.


Just a ways down the pier is Foxy’s Bar. It’s an open air bar serving up island drinks and pub grub. 


Mende and I highly recommend the Pina Coladas!


After some food and fuel, we were off to the beach for a quick dip.


We had much of the island to ourselves. The rain scared people away which was perfectly fine by me.


The unique thing about Fitzroy is that the beaches are made of coral. Very pretty and sounds neat, but quite painful on bare feet.


That didn’t deter me though, off to the water for some selfies!


It turned into a wonderful day, but alas, we had to go home.

All in, a wonderful day which I would highly recommend to anyone with a chance to visit.

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