Sydney City2Surf

Sydney is great in many factors. One of my favourite is the amazing amount of public space. There are so many places just near my house that I can go to run while being relatively free of street crossings and traffic. Not only can I run there and not risk being creamed by an inattentive driver, I also can take in some of the great views.

I started walking a lot and then transitioned that into running. It’s crazy to think my last event > 4 miles was back in December 2009. So, I decided to lace up my runners and hit the road. To help encourage my progress, I signed up for two races. The City2Surf and the Sydney Half Marathon. 8.7 and 13.1 miles respectively. This is about the City2Surf.

City2Surf was on Sunday, August 12th. The race was was first arranged in 1971 and has been growing every year. About 80,000 participants signed up this year. The course goes 14k (8.7mi) from the Sydney CBD (Central Business District) and heads through the Eastern Suburbs with a finish line at the Bondi Beach promenade.

Besides the Bay side and the Breaker side, there is one third famous part. It’s called Heartbreak Hill and starts at the 6k mark and climbs from sea level to 262 feet. Think a 20+story building.

It was a little cold the morning of the race. We had rain and crazy wind the night before, so I was ok with just cold. Hopeful for no more rain or wind.

My race bib

As a bonus, I ran into my friend Cara at the start line. Our paces are different, but we made sure to agree on a place for after race beers. Gotta cover the important bases, right.

If you look close, I think you can see me…

As you can see, this race is massive!

Even from my angle… Crazy

People decorating the trees with their sweaters. These are washed and donated to shelters. Someone told me they collect around 40,000 per year. IT was pretty chilly, so made sense.

A band performing above some shops. They were jamming at 8:30am. I’m sure to the neighbours excitement.

Good perspective of the mob in the distance. All lanes of traffic are blocked for runners.

Me during a brief walk break heading up Heartbreak Hill.

After Heartbreak and another small hill you are rewarded with a long decline to Bondi.

The beach!

Me at the finish.

I completed it in 87 minutes. A bit behind my 80 minute goal. A total of 69,175 finishers. Crazy.

Bondi and after race fuel.

After the race it was off to Beach Road Hotel in Bondi, my group’s agreed upon rally point.

My reward for the hard work. Felt a little odd at 10:30am, but when in Rome…

Just for fun, here are some girls who put on fake moustaches to sneak into the guys bathroom to pee. Also I think there is a green Crayon, Gumby, or something in the background relieving himself.



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