Port Douglas Trip – February 2013

I am a big fan of Tropical North Queensland. My first trip was to Cairns and the surrounding area. For the second trip, I chose to base myself in Port Douglas. It’s a very quaint town about an hour north from where you land at the Cairns Airport.


A quick coastline pic from the drive up.

This trip was special because I had my good friends Tom and Anna visiting from the US so I got to show them a little piece of Aussie paradise over the long weekend.

Our home base for the trip was the Reef Club resort. We got a smoking deal on a nice 2 bedroom place with the nicest owners ever. They even had it ready with fresh fruit and coffee stuff for our arrival.



Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


Tom also brought a few goodies from the USA for us to enjoy on the outdoor patio… Flaming Cheetos and Fireball whiskey – good combo!

The trip wasn’t all booze and balconies though… We did get off for some adventures. The first was our catamaran tip out to the Barrier Reef.


Anna and Tom getting excited before we board the boat.


Of course I wanted in on the fun too.


Our chariot for the day., Silversonic.


After making it through some morning showers and a slightly choppy ride, we arrived at the GBR. The water on the reef is stunning – if you look closely, you can see the breakwater where it transitions to deeper water.


Anna and Tom opted for snorkelling and I went off with a small group of advanced divers. Had to take the obligatory selfie!


Me with a giant clam.


Some giant schools of fish too.


And a bunch of clownfish. These two were, by far, packed into the smallest anemone around.

I ended up doing three dives and was able to see turtles and a shark on each dive. Most of my footage is on video so I’ll upload that once I get around to it.


Anna, Tom and I taking in the sun on the topside.

When we got back it was off to Four Mile Beach for a few cheeky photos and to catch the sunset.


It was only about a 200m walk through the jungle area to get out to the beach.


Where we proceeded to goof around.


Do a few dance poses.


And even couples karate.


I also tried to get a bit artsy with this coconut rolling around in the surf.


We capped the day off with a little barbecue and brews back at the Reef Club. They had great outdoor grilles for the guests to use. Tom got to have his first try of some kangaroo steak which Anna refused to try. Kangaroos are cute, but there are 23m people in Australia and 34m kangaroos. We need to make sure they don’t take over this place. They’re also pretty tasty when cooked properly.


We kicked off the next day with an early start and a trip to the Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat to see some of the local animals up close.


This bird followed me all around the park.


I realised later it was attracted to my watch.


Anna and Tom with a small bird we dubbed “Kate Moss” due to her petite frame. Kate Moss didn’t like Tom and attacked him on a few occasions.

DSC_0148Kate Moss – looking FIERCE!


We also took turns holding our new koala friend Samson.

Queensland is one of the few remaining states that allow you to actually hold the koalas. Most just let you pet them.


Here’s Anna feeding the wallabies.


They looked so cute, how can you refuse?


I really want one as a pet.


And of course the big dumb emu. Looking big and dumb – as always!


Want. Eucalyptus. Too. Far. Away. So Tired. Snooze…

The animal park was good fun and a nice way to spend a few hours.

Anna and Tom were continuing on to for a jungle cruise and crocodile spotting while I had to head back to Sydney for work the next day.


I was sad to have to leave after such a fun two days but the consolation is that you are sent off with some amazing aerial views of the reef.

Until next time,


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