Diving and nightlife

Hey guys, been a busy few days. Let’s recap.

Sairee Beach where I’m staying.

I planned for a few days to lay low before jumping into diving but when I got to the dive school at 9 am they happened to have 2 other divers doing the advanced course that same day at 12. I figured what the hell and decided to go ahead and dive right away.

The conditions here are much better than in Nov when I was here last. They say Nov is the absolute worst month, and it may be, but it still was beautiful. So in May we have better weather and no rain. This makes the visibility underwater improve quite a bit.

Its been quite warm which makes the water go to about 32 Celsius. Not sure what that is in Fahrenheit but it’s like bath water.

Some shots from the boat.

I’ve gone on 4 dives which completes my advanced certification.

Dive 1 – deep dive

On this one we went down to about 30m. Open water divers max out at 18m. Going deeper was a little more interesting. We brought an empty water bottle that was red. At max depth it was completely compressed upon itself and the red was completely gone. Red being the first color to wash out at depth.

Dive 2 – peak performance buoyancy

This was my favorite. Basically we went down to about 15m and worked on our control underwater. They have a site set up with different obstacles like floating rings and funky concrete sculptures. We did a bunch of drills including play fighting acting out scenes from The Matrix.

Dive 3 – Fish Id

Basically swam around with a little underwater slate and a card with photos of fish in SE Asia.

Dive 4 – navigation

Wore compasses and learned to navigate underwater. It really helped me get my bearings and focus on where I was going rather than just looking at fish. Did several out and back drills using the compass and also practiced nav by swimming in squares that were about 10m per side. Then our instructor swam us around to disorient us and we had to find our starting point without a compass. We aced it!

I’m taking a couple days off diving to enjoy the nightlife and also put in some tan time.

Pints and fire dancers.

Late night pancakes.

Beach time.

Sunsets here are amazing!

My beach friend.

This is the main path just off the beach.


More fire dancers – long exposure.



Location:Ko Tao,Thailand

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