Costco… in OZ?

I’m happy to report the American values of overconsumption and the joys of bulk buying are available on our Southern shores. In fact, we even have 3. That’s right. 22 million people and 3 Costco’s. That’s 1 Costco for every 7.3 million people.

I think the idea of bulk buying and the general idea of Costco is a bit strange down here. Aussies, who are used to paying dearly for everything, can’t seem to get past the annual membership and massive quantities. In truth, some things are bargains and others are just really big quantities of average priced crap.

That being said, I had a great time. And thank you to Phill for letting me tag along.

The queue waiting to get in. This was still 20 minutes before it opened.


So much cheese! You don’t really see these portion sizes here.

Cholulua, while not an American staple, it was a very welcome sight given the lack of good hot sauces I’ve found. Most stores just have plain Tabasco.

You know I bought this massive bottle of A1. I’d be willing to bet Costco is the ONLY place in OZ to find this.

This is where the blog, and my picture taking, got a little distracted. I wanted to show the prices of alcohol here (even at Costco) due to our booze taxes.

$35 for a 700ml of Absolut – that’s not even the size of a 750ml “fifth” in the US

$90 for a Costco brand 1.75L “handle”

No 36 packs here! 24 packs for $42.50

A special collection, large special edition display bottles starting in the hundreds.

6L for $480. I guess if you were having a big party? Have fun pouring a martini. But hey, THE BOTTLE LIGHTS UP!

And what visit to Costco doesn’t end with the classic Costco dog. No polish option here, but for $2.99 you can get an Aussie Meat Pie.

The final take. A nice mix of clothes, meat, cheese, condiments, soda, and some bomb chicken tikka masala!

All in, Well worth it. I’ll see you soon Costco.

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