Whitsundays: Whitehaven Beach

Sometimes during your travels you happen on a place that stands out. It can be a cultural experience or simply a stunning location. I was fortunate enough to come across one during a sailing trip through the Whitsunday Islands of Australia. That place is Whitehaven Beach.

Whitehaven is a true gem and is, without a doubt, the most beautiful beach I have ever visited.

As one of the main attractions in the Whitsunday Islands, this beach is pretty easily accessible on arranged tours.

Rather than dropping us on the actual beach, our captain moored in a shallow bay and left us to hike in.




The Whitsundays are an interesting blend of alpine and tropic. A unique mix of white sands, tall trees, and coastal scrub.

Rather than head directly to the beach we hiked along the beautiful and well maintained path leading over a headland to a lookout.


Lookouts mean selfies – and great views


The white sands and blue waters converge to create this amazing vista


Pictures barely do it justice

From here, Whitehaven is on the left. Notice how small that boat looks


These are not retouched – just photos from my point and shoot camera. It’s stunning.


After taking about 300 photos, it was time to head to the beach.


The white sands peeking through the trees


We arrived to an almost empty beach. No tour groups in sight.

The sand here retains no heat – so even on a hot days like this you can walk barefoot.


Crystal clear waters


Nothing feels better on a hot day


Now, we should have been in our stinger suits… But it was too warm and too nice so we risked it. It was only the beginning of October so the season had just started. No deadly jellyfish here today. Just a few stingrays – and some feet.

A great place to spend a few hours. We mostly just goofed around.


Taking a few staged photos


Jumping around


And getting trapped in a jar of Vegemite…

So enjoy yourself – but avoid the dinosaurs


 Until next time



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